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Posted by on Jan 8, 2015 in Charisma Carpenter, Naked!, Trailers, USA | 0 comments

Charisma Carpenter’s sex scenes from the movie Bound

Ok, it is crystal clear now that the movie “Bound” with Charisma Carpenter is a sort of prequel to the Fifty Shades of Grey coming on 2015 Valentine’s Day. We had the topless pictures, we had the topless and nude video clip, and now we have a full teaser showing us some sex scenes. Do we need anything more?

Update: the video has been removed from youtube.

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Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Charisma Carpenter, In Evidence, Naked!, Topless, USA | 0 comments

Back to the past: Charisma Carpenter nude and topless Playboy photoshoot

You know when you have that feeling that you have missed something, i had it too after publishing latest Charisma Carpenter topless picture, because i remembered i already seen her nude at least once, and it was July 2013. So after posting this then i’m realising also that maybe the Carpenter is starting such a cool tradition of giving to the fans a nude picture of her in the month of her birth (July). That would be an epic move.

charisma carpenter topless nude playboy (3)

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