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Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Cool or Crazy | 0 comments

20 good reasons why a man should get engaged with a short girl

tall man

After seeing why a tall girl should get engaged with a short man, now it’s turn to demonstrate why there are also some good reasons to do the opposite. Once again, don’t forget to share it and comment.

  1. You always have a good probability to be taller than a girl, and this creates no problems at all
  2. When you visit a museum, you pay less by making people believe she is your little girl
  3. If you need some space in car, you can easily place her in the storage tray
  4. To hug her is somehow restful because you can abet your chin on her head
  5. Once in bed, she is the perfect partner to test new acrobatic positions
  6. When she wear high heels you don’t feel ashamed
  7. You can hide your private porn magazine collection on top of forniture: she will never be able to discover it
  8. Her tiny hands will make your penis look much bigger
  9. If you drop your keys in a gutter, you will be able to rappel her into in to take them
  10. When you kiss eachother, she need to stand on tiptoe… and this makes some kind of satisfaction to you
  11. You can easily hold her in your arm even if you are not particularly fitness freak
  12. She is perfet as clothesanger, when there’s none of it
  13. If she asks you to go to swimming pool you can go to the nearest puddle: you save some money and she will be happy since she don’t touch the bottom of it she won’t notice any difference
  14. She is perfect for limbo dance competitions
  15. Seen from the back, she will always look like a little girl
  16. If she wants to slap you, just put your hand on her front and stretch your arm: easy win
  17. She is perfect for changing your car-wheel when in need
  18. When you need to lace your shoes, just lift a little bit your feet and she will do it for you
  19. On S.Valentine’s day you can gift her the bike you used when you was a little boy
  20. And over all: giving you a blow job will be much more easy for her than a kiss

If you are a girl and you red it please, just make a smile: irony is part of the world.

[Via | Oltreuomo]

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Posted by on Mar 21, 2014 in Cool or Crazy | 0 comments

10 reasons why a girl should get engaged with a short man

We are constantly under the pressure of the stereotype that girls need to stay with taller men, but what if this is not necessary? What advantages this can take? Let’s discover it togheter. Don’t forget to share this and comment. But if traditions are important to you, then read 20 reasons to get engaged with a short girl.

1. You can wear high heels with no problem, he will be shorter than you in any case so what’s the problem?

10 reasons for a short man 1


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